Partnering with the Apparel Impact Institute to develop a strategic plan for decarbonization


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The Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) is committed to decarbonizing the apparel supply chain. They have the vision and resources, and now, they want to get more focused on their strategic roadmap. Workshop stepped in to facilitate a collaborative strategy process with their leadership and stakeholders that will ultimately amplify Aii's scale and impact.


  • Intentional exploration: Our approach ensures that we can explore opportunities with intention and build strategy in an iterative way.
  • System-level impact: By building strategy around the key levers in the apparel supply chain, we are helping to ensure Aii's efforts will lead to industry-wide change.
  • Collaborative strategy development: Our continuous engagement with Aii’s teams, advisors and stakeholders ensures that the strategy is a collaborative effort. In this way, we’re building support for the new strategy through the process.


Aii has an ambitious target to eliminate tons of carbon emissions from the fashion supply chain. But getting there requires thoughtful planning and an intentional roadmap. Aii needed a cohesive strategy to bridge the gap from ambition to execution.


  • Iterative insights: Leveraging our expertise in design thinking, we employ an “agile insights” methodology. This enables us to adapt our research strategies in real-time based on emerging findings. This approach not only allows us to zero in on areas that warrant deeper investigation but also ensure the consistent delivery of actionable insights.
  • Stakeholder engagement: We’re facilitating sessions with Aii's board of directors, advisory board, manufacturers, investors, service-providers, and other stakeholders across the ecosystem. This is providing a broad and rich perspective on Aii’s unique opportunities to drive impact.
  • Strategic planning: We’re using system thinking to help identify key levers in the apparel industry that can drive change at scale. This will ensure Aii's efforts ripple across the global supply chain.
  • Prototyping & feedback: We’re developing and testing strategy prototypes with the Aii team.We’ll also test these with key stakeholders to ensure that the final strategy is fine-tuned and validated.

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