Centralizing systems to support Google's 2030 sustainability goals




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What we delivered


Google’s corporate real-estate organization (REWS) is committed to meeting ambitious climate action goals and needed a way to operationalize reporting. Workshop stewarded discovery and design for a centralized reporting system that not only tracks metrics but also supports actionable insights and cross-functional accountability.


  • Qualitative research: Conducted input sessions with internal stakeholders to understand challenges and opportunities.
  • Cross-functional core team: Helped charter and structure a cross-functional core team, creating both a central hub for coordination and the structures for productive team culture.
  • Stakeholder workshops: Organized workshops with stakeholder groups to build alignment and engage in co-design.
  • Tech strategy: Assisted client partners in evaluating technology pathways and stewarding system integration.
  • Rollout and adoption: Supporting launch planning with a change management strategy and internal communications kit.
  • Continuous iteration: After launch, we’re committed to refining the system and expanding it to support additional sustainability metrics.


As one of the leading tech companies in the world, Google is determined to be at the forefront of sustainable business practices. Google views its internal real-estate organization (REWS) as a key strategy to meet sustainability goals. To track toward goals, REWS needed to develop a centralized system to monitor metrics, improve data reliability, and support collaboration across multiple departments.


Leveraging our expertise in human-centered design and systems integration, Workshop facilitated a process to help define a brand-new centralized reporting system in partnership with internal stakeholders. This new reporting hub supports a more holistic view of progress towards Google's goals, eases the effort of tracking and reporting, and empowers informed decision-making.

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